United Kingdom: Not just Great Britain!

The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in north-western Europe. A globally influential centre of finance, art, literature and history! Although small in space, the UK’s population is around 67 million people! With that population comes a hive of activity in vibrant cities, shopping galore and a variety of cultural influences in food, fashion and cultural districts.

The queen’s English!

Although small in size, the UK hosts a huge variation on the queen’s English. Accents and slang abound across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! Different words for the same thing in the UK see the ‘lingo’ something to study and learn dependant on which part of the country you decide to study and live in.

History abounds!

Having one of the oldest kingdoms; castles, ancient forts and relics are in abundance within the UK. With a multitude of museums and historic sites scattered across all of the UK, travel back into the time of Shakespeare, the palaces of Camelot, Roman ruins, Stonehenge or Robin Hood’s Sherbrooke forest!

Scenery overload

Cottages on a bubbling brook, meadows filled with flowers, heath on a hill in Scotland and the white cliffs of Dover. Beautiful scenery abounds in the UK. Although weather does tend to be chilly and on the wet side, the UK produces glorious, lush landscapes that are timeless.

Tea, chips and a UK Pub!

As timeless as the scenery, the UK has well established loves and a culture of politeness and teatime! The kettle is always on in the UK so that one can have a ‘cuppa’ ‘brew’ or ‘teatime’. Tea is a national staple alongside chips from the fish n’ chipper and Sunday roasts!

You will find scattered on most corners a ‘Pub”. As common as houses, the UK pub is a place for gathering around roaring fires, quiz nights, darts, football on TV and loads of locals drinking ale.

Football rules!

People in the UK are obsessed by football! As much as they love cricket, polo and rugby; football is a national passion! Learn the team songs, wear the colours and chat all weekend to a local about the weekend game and you will fit right in!

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